Pentamino for Palm OS

Rebuild designs in this interesting brainteaser

If you're an incurable fan of brainteasers, this could be your lucky day! Pentamino is an original and intelligent puzzler which will let you put your logical aptitude to the test.

In a change from other brainteasers, the aim of Pentamino is to rebuild geometric figures using the tokens provided on the game board. Because each and every one of the tokens is different in its characteristics, you have to study each one carefully to identify each one for one of your moves. Pentamino includes a total of 30 puzzles and a progressive level of difficulty. This means that every time you move onto the next puzzle, it's going to be noticably harder than the previous one.

Pentamino is a real breath of fresh air - an original puzzle which will really test you.

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Pentamino 1.2

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